This Girl Gave A Mango Pit A Makeover And I Want To Adopt It As A Pet

I think we can all agree: mangoes are pretty great.

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But personally, I’ve never been a big fan of their pits…

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UNTIL NOW! Twitter user @SomeEarthian finally showed me the light when she gave her mango pit a makeover.


@SomeEarthian / Via Twitter: @SomeEarthian

Don’t you just want to hold it and run your fingers through its luscious locks forever and ever?

@SomeEarthian, who goes by JoJo in real life, said she was inspired to give the pit a fresh look when she noticed how hairy it was as she enjoyed her mango.

She told Angle News, “Why not? I’m not harming anyone and thought it would look cute.”

AND SHE WAS RIGHT!!! JoJo started her process by shampooing and conditioning the mango pit.

She then gave it a lil’ haircut…

And a blowout…

And finally, a fun dye job!!!

According to JoJo, the coloring is in honor of the character Sully from Monsters, Inc.

JoJo told Angle News she hopes the pit’s makeover shows people that it’s “OK to do dumb stuff in life without harming anyone,” and to “just be creative.”

@SomeEarthian / Via Twitter: @SomeEarthian

Meanwhile, I’m over here ready to adopt. Gimme that little ball of fluff! I’m ready to be a mango pit mom!!!

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